Colorado National Bank (“CNB”) is currently expanding its Trust Division to provide an array of services, both locally and nationwide. For more information about our services, click on the available links below or contact our trust division. By selecting Colorado National Bank as your custodian or directed-trustee, a team of well-qualified individuals will help administer your account.


Bank CD IRA Program

A free IRA program offered by CNB that provides individuals with the opportunity to invest in certificates of deposits and enjoy full FDIC insurance coverage, up to $250,000.

Automatic Rollover IRA Program – for Lost Participants

CNB offers employers an Automatic Rollover IRA option for terminated employees who fail to complete and return their distribution election forms. This program allows employers to rollover participant funds into an IRA, thereby reducing employers ongoing costs and fiduciary liability. Click here for more information. 


Escrow Services

CNB offers a streamline approach and dedicated professionals for your escrow needs. Whether you are completing an investment offering, a merger or acquisition, settlement of claims, or  purchasing equipment, we are here to assist you by offering:

  • Streamlined review process and account opening
  • Standardized agreements


Colorado National Bank
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President, Trust Division
Paul E. Maxwell
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